The long wait is over. In the 1970's, the Pelton brothers sold their interests in Spudnut™ International. They had created over 600 franchises in the U.S.A., dozens in Canada, over 170 in Japan and some in Mexico. This Spudnut  has been missed for a long time.

The original spudnut


Are you wondering if these are the same Spudnuts™ you ate in your youth?  They are.  Can they possibly taste as light and wonderful as you remember?  Absolutely!  Is it possible to make these in your home and have them turn out like you're a professional Spudnut™ maker?  Yes, you can do it!  How do I know these are the real mix?  Click on the icon below Home in the menu bar, where it says Letter of Authenticity.  You've convinced me. How do I order a sample bag?  Click on order. We send 6 lb. samplers out to your home via U.S. Mail. We don't even charge handling, just postage!  Warning!  You will smile after your first bite, and it may stay on your face the rest of the day.



SpudnutTM Pancake

We humans love variety. That's why it is a real treat to experience different foods for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.  What's real tasty, different, and quick to make? Yes, Spudnut™ pancakes, any time of day. Try fresh fruit,syrup, powdered sugar, each tastes different and wonderful for topping your wonderful Spudnut™ pancakes. Want to try a super different meal? Try making Spudnut™ German pancakes. These are also called Hootenannys, Dutch babies, Pannekoeken, and Swedish pancakes. For great variety, pour the batter into cupcake tins about halfway up and bake them. Go to recipes and look around. I double dare you to NOT order some of our mix. It really is THAT good!



SpudnutTM Waffles

For a large group (including children, grandchildren, yup, all ages, guests, friends, or neighbors) these are a real hit. You won't have anything but compliments on how good these taste.  What else can you make with the Spudnut ™mix?  Make fruit pies similar to Hostess® fruit pies, pizza dough, and marvelous sweet rolls or orange rolls.  Take time to smell the flowers in life, and when you're hungry, take time to eat delicious food!