Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is your spudnut mix gluten free? - Philip E.

A: I wish it were.  We are working on that.  Unfortunately for Celiac affected people, it does have wheat flour along with potato flour in the mix. - Spudnut Doug

Q: I tried making your German Pancake recipe, but my pancakes did not rise at all. They still tasted delicious, but I am wondering what I did wrong. Any ideas? -Sheri P.

A: We learned that if you do not put the pan in the oven during the oven preheat process, the butter and the pan do not get hot enough for the pancakes to rise. We experimented a few times when we had that problem, and it was when the pan was too cold that the pancakes didn't work. - Spudnut Doug

Q: Is your store still open, and are you still at the Warm Springs address? And can I still buy the Spudnut mix? I live in St. George, and it's been a while since I've been up there. -Brent F.

A: Actually, the Warm Springs Road address is our warehouse.  At present we have no store in UT.  Yes, you may buy the Spudnut mix, or pay the online price and we'll have it shipped to you. -Spudnut Doug

Q: I have tons of evil foodbased allergies forcing me to be vegan. I don't care about how much of what you have, I just need a true run down of ingrediants no particular order.. even honey is a hospital visit. Are your store doughnuts differant from the mix I would buy from you? I don't mean to be a pest- its just hard smelling doughnuts and not being able to eat them.. :( a German vendor swore hers were fine for me- yeah, I woke up in the hospital days later.. 6 days total in hospital. Oh, and what oil do you fry/bake in. I am soo curious about you because my friend swears by you being the best(far better than KK) and I would love to partake. I appreciate any help you can give me, thank you.-Umi

A: Wow, nice thorough question.  There is no honey in the product.  I often get asked does it have wheat in the mix?  Yes.  Therefore, if you have Celiac Disease, this will not be good for you.  The spices are proprietary.  Therefore, I can't share that with you.  It does have malted barley flour, wheat flour, potato flour, and other components to stabilize it.  Best of luck with your health.- Spudnut Doug

Q: I have been reading your recipe and I have a question for you. I know that the recipe calls for Spudnuts to be fried in oil but is their a way that they can be baked in the same manner as cake donuts? I ask because I am planning to make a large ammount of spudnuts for a birthday party at the end of August and if I can find ways to make spudnuts faster then the recipe (mainly by skipping the raising periods of about 1 hour each) it would be a great help. If not don't worry about it but I am a little curious if there are ways of by-passing some, if not all, of the hour long waiting periods. I am aware of the first short cut method of leaving it the oven but are there others?

A: First of all, a yeast raised product takes time.  It is during the raising that the product develops it's taste and lightness.  The complete recipe should be followed to attain the best degree of perfection. Cake donuts are baked or fried.  Go online to the  They have free instructions how to do them in the oven the way you are suggesting. Here's a suggestion for your party.  Make the German pancakes, but put the mixture into a 12 part cupcake pan.  Pour the unsalted butter into each section, fill up the batter in each section half way to the top, stick it in the oven.  Each little cupcake section will poof up and then people can experience the marvelous taste.  Have a buffet of fresh fruit, whipped cream, or syrup for people to pour over their section.  It's absolutely mahvelous.
-Spudnut Doug