SpudnutTM History

In 1940, two brothers, Al and Ron Pelton wanted to start a donut business.  They came to Salt Lake City, UT and opened up a donut shop.  With the help from their mother, they developed Spudnuts™.  They sold their business in 1970, and the business kept operating until approx. 1978.  Then, no one could get the mix.  That is, none of the independent Spudnut™ Shops in the franchise could obtain the great taste everyone loved in a yeast raised Spudnut™.
     In 2009, the mix was discovered.  We bought the list of ingredients and recipes; we now distribute the mix to individuals and donut stores, who simply want the best tasting product available.
     The mix currently has the finest of ingredients, and we located the former man in charge of Quality Control at Spudnut™ International from 1970-1978.  With the cooking times, the exacting measure of the former glory years, we have brought back the best tasting, yeast raised donut ever.  We mean it when we say, "The Great Taste is Back!®"  Our goal is to bring back ALL the products so Americans can once again taste the marvelous combination of the work done before.