Submit Your Spudnut Memories

For years I have been praising my memory of these fabulous donuts that were part of my life growing up in Hartford CT. It was a little stand alone place. No bigger than a Dairy Queen. A block away from my home in the south end. By far, made fresh on the spot, it was the melt in your mouth texture that could make you consume dozens. And suddenly you were gone and life wasn't the same in the neighborhood. A friend found your web site and now I'm not sure what to do. I am glad you are still around. Best wishes in 2012

You should order a bag of this great product.  Make some in your kitchen, try the other recipes and bring smiles to all who eat the wonderful product.
-Spudnut Doug 

I remember when I was just old enough to drive, there was a shop in Tice, Florida, which was about 50 miles from where I live and it never failed when my friends in I were in the area we made a pit stop for some of those wonderful donuts. Also my wife has fond memories of the best donuts on earth. -Robert T

Yes, there were originally over 600 Spudnut® shops in the U.S.  We are trying to bring them back.  Thanks for sharing.- Spudnut Doug

My brother and I sold Spudnuts door to door in Aurora Colorado in the 50s. 60 cents a bag and we made a nickle a bag. We would sell 11, chip in a nickle and buy the last bag, sit on someones lawn and eat the entire bag.- Dennis H.

I owned a spudnut shop in Carbondale, IL in 1964-72. Best I have ever eaten. Loved the spuddies. College town..Open 24/7 for years. Students loved them also.
-Ron L.

Wow, thanks for still having interest.  There was nothing ever like the original mix. That's why we brought it back.  Hope you're well, they now have a shelf life of 24 hours.  Ought to make it interesting for Spudnut® seller wannabees.
-Spudnut Doug 


Oh, I remember the Spudnuts that we used to have delivered to our front door. I recall young boys, on bicycles with bags of Spudnuts going from door to door selling those wonderful little gems. I grew up in Billings, Montana and this is the way it was ca. 1950-1965. The Spudnut shop may have been there longer than that but I wasn't. What fond memories I have of those tasty morsels- Jerry C

 In the late 50s & early 60s I sold spudnuts door to door for 1.00 per bag. I carried a wire crate with 12 dozen to a crate. If I sold all 12 bags I made 2 dollars. I really miss the taste of these donuts. I line in Oklahoma City & there are not any shops that I know of.That is one of my fondest memories of the signature spudnut- Jack G

Jack, you're in luck.  You can buy a bag of the mix and make marvelous tasting products. All the recipes are on FYI, I have heard from hundreds of people like you.Thanks for sharing!- Spudnut Doug


I remember selling these door to door in Lubbock, TX as a young boy. I made good money as this was back in the late 50's, early 60's. It was great fun. I cannot remember how I picked them up in their bags to sell. - KGard

Wish I could help you.  Generally someone picked you up in a station wagon, helped you get stock, and drove you to a business area or a street with homes.  Do yourself a favor, go to our website, and order some mix.  They are delightful. - Spudnut Doug


I remember the Spudnut shop in Seattle. Well sort of. I was very young. What I remember the most was how happy my Mom would be to be able to go there. It was something special for her. 
Years after they closed it up the building went under reconstruction. Half of the old Spudnut sign emerged for awhile. That location is now a Hard Rock Cafe.
There is a small bakery in Marysville WA that makes a very similar donut. We go there on special trips up north.
And Mom still talks of Spudnuts to this day. I just ordered her some of your flour. It will be a perfect Christmas gift. Thanks so much for this website!- Jeff W.

Glad you enjoyed these so much.  That's exactly the reason we brought this product back.- Spudnut Doug